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Winery Solids Management



Vintech Pacific has introduced a state-of-the-art centrifuge system as part of its mobile services offered to the New Zealand wine industry.





The STS 45 system is claimed to be a superior method for winery solids management and eliminates the need for racking of juices and wines and therefore avoiding consequent product losses and quality-value downgrades.


Central to the system is the STS 45, a disk-type centrifuge with the capability to both process entire tanks of juice and wine, including the lees, and eject solids at such a thickness (e.g. 95% v/v) that no further product recovery is necessary, e.g. lees filter or RDV filter.


Clarifying Bentonite and Yeasts from Savignon Blanc, before and after.


The three principal paybacks and quality outcomes with the STS 45 are:



A key advantage of the STS 45 system over older centrifuges is a very low oxygen pick-up, as low as 0.02mg of oxygen per litre of wine. This means the same wine can be centrifuged multiple times during its maturation cycle. The low oxygen pick-up allows New Zealand cellars to maximise the financial benefits of ST 45's broad spectrum of juice and wine solids removal capabilities.


The STS 45 system has been developed to handle a broad range of winery products.


STS45 Centrifuge









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