Technical Solutions for the Wine Industry |

Our services – all focused on quality outcomes – are mobile to the winery door anywhere in New Zealand.

Mobile services include STARS Tartrate Removal, Rotary Drum Vacuum Filtration, MEMSTAR Reverse Osmosis Processors, Ozone Sanitation and Barrel Washing, Flash Pasteurisation, Crossflow Filtration, STS 45 Centrifuges, Juice Flotation Units, Wine Warming and Ultra Filtration, plus Barrel Lease and Mobile Alcohol Distillation.

Vintech Pacific recognises that increasing international demand for New Zealand wine and the subsequent need for rapid growth in winery infrastructure to meet this demand is putting great pressure on individual New Zealand wineries to source and finance the latest technologies.

By researching, testing and investing in specialised new technology and equipment Vintech Pacific's role is to take investment pressure off wineries by providing a range of mobile new technologies throughout the wine regions of New Zealand.

The company is administered from a Gisborne head office and has regional offices in Auckland, Napier, Blenheim and Cromwell.

The principals of Vintech Pacific Ltd have long associations with the wine producing industry and subsidiary service industries.


"Vintech Pacific has become integral in assisting with the flow of quality wine production for my company. Its versatility, professionalism and delivery of appropriate wine processing services has allowed my own winemaking team to concentrate on the smooth flow of winemaking during a very busy growth phase ensuring we meet tight delivery time tables with the best quality wine possible."

Brent Marris, Proprietor and Chief Winemaker, Marisco Vineyards.


"Sacred Hill Wines Ltd has engaged the services of Vintech Pacific, formerly known as Armourtech, for many years as a service provider of high technology specialist winery processing equipment. In our experience this company has always delivered on its promises, and provided a highly customer orientated and professional service. They have maintained a qualitative approach in the operation and maintenance of their specialist equipment, ensuring our wine product integrity is maintained throughout the process."

Tony Bish, Chief Winemaker, Sacred Hill Wines Limited.


The company was formed in 1999 and since then its services have expanded while remaining focused on wine industry processes. Newly introduced services include Vintech Pacific Barrel Lease and Vintech Pacific Mobile Alcohol Distillation.