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The new age of hygiene from Vintech Pacific.


CellarGuard is to be distributed in New Zealand by Vintech Pacific providing a totally new concept in sanitizing, disinfecting and protecting homes and businesses.


Wineries are constantly under attack by a microscopic army. These microbes arrive in the form of bacteria, viruses, mould, mildew, fungi, algae, and other organisms.


Once established, these harmful microbes may cause odours, discoloration, property damage, allergies and disease.


Many of these microbes have mutated or adapted to the poisons being used to control them. Chemicals must become more targeted and stronger. These harmful microbes are being called "Super Bugs".


CellarGuard's leading-edge technology is a totally different approach to dealing with harmful microbes. While other antimicrobials rely on poisons, toxic chemicals or heavy metal ions, CellarGuard utilizes a patented molecular technology that destroys microbes mechanically.


CellarGuard will safely and effectively reduce bacteria and mildew by up to 99.99% and inhibit their return for months at a time from a single aTH pplication.


CellarGuard has approvals from the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) and can be used safely around food. Because of the non-toxic nature of the product it is ideal for use in food manufacturing facilities to eliminate bacteria and manage hygiene.


The manufacturers of CellarGuard have conducted independent trials and have test results showing effectiveness against all bacteria found in Food Manufacturing, including Ecoli, Listeria and MRSA.



Additional Information


Germs, also called microbes or micro-organisms, are living cells that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Some germs, such as bacteria, fungi (mould) and viruses, can cause illness or disease.


In order to kill germs, most conventional disinfectants have to get inside the organism. A chemical agent will act like a poison, interrupting a key metabolic, or life sustaining process of the cell, causing the microorganism to die. Most conventional anti-microbial products are consumed or use up their ability to affect the micro-organisms during this process. They stop working. 

GermFree24 is very different from other disinfecting products, such as hand sanitizers. The GermFree24 coating contains a microscopic bed of tiny spikes. These spikes are long, pointed chains of molecules that are big enough to pierce the cell walls of various germs causing them to die. Additionally, these chains of atoms carry a strong positive charge that attracts negatively charged microorganisms. The spikes are too small to be harmful to the cells of people or animals, but are deadly to germs.

Microbes are electrostatically attracted to GermFree 24's spiked surface. The GermFree 24 molecules destroy the microbes by penetrating the cells walls.


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